Our Team about

🇫🇷 Hash

Lead Solidity Developer

26, French, lives in Hong Kong, passionate about development since young, was always around a computer trying to code new stuff. Loves to sleep/eat when he doesn’t code.

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🇫🇷 Lex

Lead Marketing

26, lives in France. Loves sports in general and streaming some video games when he’s not chasing new DeFi opportunities

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🇫🇷 IamBlueDev

Lead Web Developer

21, French guy too. I’m currently completing my degree in engineering. I am entrepreneurial minded, working in this startup. I am compelled to develop everyday, it’s my passion and a big part of my life.

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🇺🇸 Major Rawdawg

Project Manager

41, American. Loves IT/technology and spending time with Rawdawg Jr. Brings 20-years of entrepreneurial and business experience.

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🇷🇺 JacksJucks

Marketing Manager

21, Russian. Next generation civil engineer. Jacks is our mad scientist MacGyver who can take any broken idea and make it into a deadly DeFi weapon.

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