Token project

How it works

  • When PAPR TWAP is over $1 for an epoch (6 hours) : A percentage of the total PAPR supply is minted. The minted PAPR is given to users who staked their PRNTR (shares) tokens depending on how many PRNTR they staked.
  • When PAPR TWAP is under $1 for an epoch :
    • PAPR minting is stopped. Instead, INK tokens (bonds) are available for sale. Users can buy INK with PAPR. For 1 INK bought, 1 PAPR is automatically burnt.
    • INK tokens can't be redeemed when PAPR is under $1, but they can be sold at the price of PAPR² whenever PAPR goes back over $1. This is a premium mechanism incentivizing users to buy bonds and helping the price to get back above its peg. An autoburn is applied on PAPR sales, burning 100% of the rate in the process.

Here are some explanations of how it's working (taken from the docs that can be found here)